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Attract financiers

To attract financiers: WATER VIOLET (they will not shun from you, neither will you stop asking for help),  HEATHER (people will not run away from you) and HORNBEAM – is the combination for getting loans, land selling and getting good tenants. Even people who don’t want to give will give the loan to you.


Headache due to tension

Take the Bach Flower Remedies VERVAIN, AGRIMONY and HORNBEAM.

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Need Support

Lower Back Pain means the person require support. Give them the Bach Flower Remedies CHICORY, HORNBEAM and CENTAURY.


Needs support: CHICORY

Has no back bone: CENTAURY

Poor memory


Difficult to sleep after a day’s work

Becomes mentally fatigued thinking about work and therefore finding it difficult to sleep: VERVAIN, HORNBEAM, WHITE CHESTNUT, WALNUT, and CRAB APPLE.

Stagnation in Marriage

Write “SWEET CHESTNUT, WALNUT, HORNBEAM” 50 times daily. Alternatively, take the Bach Flower remedies for at least 6 months.

To fight court cases

Chant the names of the Bach Flower Remedies AGRIMONY, OAK, HORNBEAM, and MUSTARD.

Cure Lethargy

To overcome lethargy take the flower remedies Hornbeam and Wild Rose.

Clear backlogs

To clear your backlogs – say at work, home or studies, chant, “GENTIAN, LARCH, HORNBEAM, GO ON”

Recover from illness

After a prolonged illness, to quickly recover – mentally and physically, take the Bach Flower Remedies CENTAURY, OLIVE and HORNBEAM.

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