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Naran S Balakumar

  1. Everyday I travel in my office shuttle for almost 1.5hrs one way. Always occupy the second row seat in the bus. This day, I got a seat in the fourth row. We had hardly travelled a distance of 18-20kms; when the Radiator lid burst open. The hot water splashed all over in the bus, on the driver , and the employees sitting in the first row. There was a huge dark smoke in the front.
    Nothing could be seen. Initially people thought it was fire; trying to break through windows. Emergency door is not opening. The driver had slight burns, and a few splashes of water on the toes of the employees.

    After a few minutes, everything went fine. And we travelled in the same bus for another 45mts. without any trouble.

    As I was very confident that WOLF was there to take care of me, I started chanting the back flower names for myself:
    1) RESCUE REMEDY – to rescue us from any danger;
    2) WALNUT – to change the situation;
    3) SWEETCHESTNUT – To get divine grace
    4) REDCHESTNUT – concern for the driver and the employees in the front

    I also had the bach flower cards with me:
    1) Travel card
    2) Rescue Remedy card

    Secondly, at this moment I requested WOLF to talk to the govt officials to change the bus. Normally, it takes one year to change the bus.

    And LO! Within a week , we were given a brand new bus.


    Thank you Naran Sir for GIFTING this knowledge to the HUMANKIND.

    • I have recently started to travel for work similar almost 2 hrs and I was just thinking about travel safety and what to do. And lo you have given naran sirs answers here! and also reminder to me to order the bach flower cards from center which I have been wanting to do for some time. Thank you Roopa for sharing.

  2. Dear Sir,

    About me: A divorce with a 8 year old girl child. Absolutely no saving, no property, no relatives. My parents never had any money even to educate me my mothers relatives paid. Marriage broke because they thought my mothers relatives who are all very well to do will support us as they funded the entire wedding and showed we are all extremely close family though they just wanted to get me married and do away with their responsibility. After marriage they didn’t not nor did I ask them for any support and it became an issue. I get 25 K in hand every month but the place where I am living is so expensive that all my salary goes of for rent and food. No money even for any emergency situations god forbid they arise. Scared about my daughters future studies. No growth in job as I only concentrate on my work and don’t believe in sucking up bosses. I am also very emotional and start crying and this is my other biggest draw back. Please let me know what to do to be emotionally. physically and mentally and financially strong.

  3. Dear Sir, Kindly respond to my query.

  4. Dear respected sir,
    My daughter wants to take transfer from Dallas(Texas, USA) to another branch office of the same company at sanhouse(Caulifornia,USA) to live together with her husband after marriage as her marriage has been fixed in the month of April 2014.please advise any wonderful magical switch word or mudra or batch flower remedy for which I will be very greatful to you. please kindly respond at the earliest.

  5. Gurugi!

    Namaskaram! By Divine grace and with your blessings, i am working as a clerk in CANARA BANK. I attended IBPS PO 3 written exam on 20.10.13. which was very tough as compared with recent exams, and i did it as much as i can . But i am worrying about the success in that exam. so please bless me for success!

    • Namaste sir ,mere beta 24 years ka hai abi ,21 + me beta ko b tech clear ho giya tha acche no se,sivai ist sem ka math paper, last 19&20 me bhi paper bahat achha gaya Thapar result same dono year me review kiya ,college veryfy kiya University ka responses nehi hai ,beta bahat upset hai,sir please aap asirbaad kare aur kuch remedy bataiye please .Appko hamara binamra pranam.

  6. Hello Sir,
    Pleas advise, I am suffering pain on my left side (neck, shoulder and hip)due to my work, I am a dancer. Also I am now going through a divorce and fear that my husband will try to take advantage of me in court and not pay alimony. I do not make a lot of money right now, and think I may have to find a new profession. I love dancing and teaching dance, but work is a bit slow. certainly not enough to care for myself and my son together on my own. Pain, divorce. and career/money. Please help.
    Thank you in advance

  7. Dear Sir,

    I have a problem with my eyesight diagnosed as Keratoconus in which the cornea forms a cone shape and blocks vision. I’ve tried lens but they cause a lot of irritation. My number is minus 5.30 is left eye and minus 8.4 in the right eye cylindrical (both eyes). I cannot even read anything properly with my right eye even with glasses. I’ve already bought your vision improvement and written MIMULUS ROCKROSE/KUNJITHA PADAM SARANAM and keep it under the pillow according to what I found from of your posts. Doctors say that I require a surgery (cornea replacement) to stop progression but even then there is no guarantee. I do not believe in traditional medicine and intend to see the world again without the need of any glasses. I have also recorded CRYSTAL CLEAR POINT DIVINE and listening to it. Is there anything else I can do to make it more powerful and regain the perfect eyesight ASAP? Thank you

  8. Dear Sir,
    Greetings to you and Shobana.
    SS1970 here with ancestral land/property issue.
    Older brother-in-law is trying to sell the land worth more than 1C and not willing to share with his 7 siblings (His wife & his daughters are guiding him). No oral cordial communication with this older brother in law since 1.5 yrs (after the death of my father in law). Please suggest some steps/advice in this matter. I want all the brothers & sisters to be united with love & affection and to share the money equally after selling (5 sisters & 3 brothers; I married my maternal uncle. So, I want to see my uncles & chitis to be united like I saw them during my childhood)

  9. Sir,

    Recently I resigned my job for an overseas job which was very lucrative. Suddenly, I lost that job too. Now, I am in desperate need of a job. I resigned my existing job for an overseas job for my heavy financial crisis. Now, I am jobless and have severe financial crisis and problems are cropping in the house.

    Kindly advice me with switchwords to overcome them.


    With Kind Regards,
    Salem Kannan

  10. Sir, I was asking for a sw for fixing my pay band and getting my pay fixed after two years of delay. U suggested me to chant crystal gorse hornbeam wolf reach count basic…… But after chanting all through the day and writing for 21 times daily and also doing eft for removing all my resistance, my department refused to give the pay band and reverted the present pay also. It was a great shock as I firmly firmly believed I will get the pay as desired by me. May be it is the will of divine. Divinity has someother plan to give me much better things than this. Tell me why this happened to me? I am not regretting. But some disappointment is there.

    Thanks divine.

  11. dear sir,
    i am 21, My parents believes a lot in astrology and it is said i must get married at 22. I am in love with a guy of my same age, and in his horoscope he must marry only at the age of 28, his mother n grandparents are interested in me but his father is not. Since we are not from the same caste, my parents are not interested in our relation and they want me to get married to the one they find me. But for me, i want to marry my lover and cant replace him with any other, i want my parents and his father to agree for this marriage happily from the bottom of their heart. Please do help me

  12. Saraswathi pandurangan

    Normally if any tenent vaccant minimum 3 months i will not get another tenent when i contacted you you suggested to chant mantra “Crystal Gorse Wolf find divine tenent care count now” excellent result i got tenent within a month Thank you very much sir
    Sir i have only one child (Daughter) she is in USA in H 4 visa. We tried 2 times for visa but our visa got rejected again i have interview on 24th july i’m chanting as u told “water voilet rockwater larch gentian wild rose ”
    Pls pray for us to get visa this time because she is pregnet
    Sir i want my 4 problems to be solved pls give suitable mantra
    1.Me and my husband should get visa without any hassle
    2.My daughter should have safe normal delivery in a good day in good time .Mom and Baby should be safe and healthy
    3.My daughter in H4 visa she should get job after her delivery.She tried to change visa H1 but she didnt get now Government has passed rule H4 people also can work but still not implemented pls give mantra neither order should get pass she should get job
    4.Finally i need a matra if we get caught in to black magic how to come out it should not effect further anybody did for us also. suppose if they give medicine to stomach how to remove.
    Sir i will be greatefull if u response to my query.I belive as u Next to God You only pls help me to solve all my problem.

  13. Sur ji
    Im a divorcee female and have a son.i was seeing a man for marriage who was committed at first and does like me a recently the problem is he has backed out of the commitment as he doesnt want ne with my child.he wants me to either leave him with my parents or put in boarding.i dont know what to do.plz helpp so he accepts me with my son.

  14. my whole project team from work is travelling to uk(London) on official trip excluding me from april2015.please help me so that I can join them .I really wanted to travel with them. Please help.

  15. Respected sir
    We are severely facing an ordeal due to financial debts and lacking money for basic needs.we need $10000 urgently please help us with switch words to overcome our problems.
    Thanking you

  16. Sir,
    My son did well in his 2nd PUC ( 12th standard) in Karnataka and expecting good marks. We want him to secure merit seat for Mechanical Engineering at NIE ( National Institute of Engineering, Mysore). Kindly advise switch words / remedy for the same.
    Kind regards

  17. Sir
    I have purchased Black Tourmaline from your center during January this year and wrote my wish to join a specific company giving the timeline. It is yet to happen.
    Kindly advise how to mention my wish.

  18. My son is studying in 11 the std .He is very dull in studies. Scoring very low marks.lack of interest and concentration. Plz guide me to make him score high marks

  19. I am having lowback pain and tingling of both feet I a new to this therapy pl advise Naran sir what I have to do

  20. radhika varadharajan

    Sir we have booked a villa and paid nearly seventy five percent but because of some conflict between the builder and land owner the construction has become stand still and all havecput case and hearing is going on.vsir please give me some switchboard that the problem vis shoved and we will get the possession of our villa by this October end. Thank you thank you

  21. Hello sir,
    My son is appearing for one abacus maths competition where they have to solve 200 sums in 8mins. Though 200 sums are not possible at least if he solves 115 without much mistakes,it will be good. He wants to get at least merit award. Before also he has attempted but has not succeeded ,so he is very frustrated .kindly help me with switch words which can help him to do it fast and accurately.

    Thank you

  22. Hello Sir,

    I am in Love with one guy from one year we have few bad situations and we had lot of fight between us . Earlier he was telling that i wont leave u for sure he used to tell , i will marry you for sure if u trust me that’s enough for me .But now suddenly he is telling leave me and go , we are not compatible for each other and if we get married also we will get divorced. I was not at all happy with this relationship , you never gave me happiness and peace. Now what he is telling is you change and lets see after one year how it goes. He is telling me that after one year i am not telling you that i will marry you , Right now i cant give any hopes he is telling. Will talk about this after one year till that will be like friends. He is trying to avoid me. We are in long distance relationship he is in Chennai , and i am in Bangalore. Please can you tell me how to get him and his love back. I am completely shattered , Devastated . I want to marry him happily and we both should live together happily. I want his Love and care back. I wanted to hear magical words from him as soon as possible. I wanted us to be happy.


  23. Dear Sir,
    I want to recover my father’s property and sell it off at desired amount. I want buyers for it to buy it as it is and get it vacant it from the person to whom my father gave on rent. My father is no more.

    Thanks in advance for your assistance.

  24. Dear sir,

    I want some desired amount of money to start a business I have tried many remedies and switchwords but nothing is working out for me.. I am also jobless since last 24 months… Please advise what shall be done to get desired amount.

  25. My mother has to get some amount of money on behalf of her paternal property which my cousin is denied to give.. All the other bother and sisters have got there share except my mother. My mother is uneducated.. please advice what can I do on her behalf to get her money….

  26. Namaste sir ,mere beta 24 years ka hai abi ,21 + me beta ko b tech clear ho giya tha acche no se,sivai ist sem ka math paper, last 19&20 me bhi paper bahat achha gaya Thapar result same dono year me review kiya ,college veryfy kiya University ka responses nehi hai ,beta bahat upset hai,sir please aap asirbaad kare aur kuch remedy bataiye please .Appko hamara binamra pranam.

  27. I am married since 6 years…it was a love marriage after relationship of 8 long years….But since 2-3 years m in big trouble….My mother in law and sister in law dont like me a bit…My sister in law lives nearby only n she wants everything to be done according to her…My MIl N SIL keep on saying bad words about me n my family to my husband…nw he dnt listen to me or value me…We have a 4 yr daughter also…he is ready to live widout her to…nw since one month i am living wid my parents as my MIL,SIL and husband forced me to do so….m feeling shattered n helpless…plz help me to get my married life back to normal…plz help me

  28. Sir..My house looks so dirty with bat droppings. Can you give a switchword to get rid of bats from this area.

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