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520 is the number for miracle to happen. Whenever you have unresolved problem or when you need transformation immediately, 520 will work. For example, after the exam is over 520 will work, as the student needs a miracle, may be in the form of getting an engineering seat.

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My son got an engineering seat:


About Naran

Naran balakumar is a herbalist practising bach flower therapy for the last 11 years. Naran is a Reiki master teacher.

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  1. sir does 520 helps for lower class (7th std) students for getting good results after the test or we need to chant ?

  2. sir i really need ur help i am not good in my studies i always get average marks.i am not able to study more than 1 hour or in this hour i am nt able to concentrate on 1 mind always swings here and their i am nt able to concentrate in my studies.while studying i am always get to this year i have fill the form of sbi po, ibps po, ssc, and civil severces i want to clear all this competative exams plz help me and give me the solution of my problem and one thing more i am unble to get up early in the morning i have lot of laziness also.

  3. Hello Sir, my daughter has an upcoming entrance exam to find the best secondary school, but she does not feel like studying. she gets distracted easily. Please give me some miraculous tips for her to pass the exam. She is just 10 years old. Thank you.

  4. Hello sir, whatever I try it just gets lingered, i am trying to get driving licence, could get through yet. Started business, its in loss, relatives who were partnered in the business blamed me of “not being transparent of finance, when everything is crystal clear in front of their eyes. Waiting to get positive response for pending issues. Please guide me accordinglt. Thank you.

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